• Tucky Series - Mercan

    Colour combination of blue, red and gold creates an elegant statement piece. Elevated by Swimsaic's signature pleated texture, the swimsuit looks and feels expensive on the first touch. Backless design, secured by adjustable strap at the back. Pair it with its matching outerwear for an elevated look
  • Twist Back Series- Boucher

    Feeling luxurious wherever you go with Twist Back swimsuit. High neck long sleeve swimsuit, equipped with buttons at the back of neck for ease of wearing and security. Adorned with twisted back details for that extra sweet look. Inspired by Francois Boucher, a French painter in Rococo era. Boucher is famously known for its idyllic and decorative themes. Usage of pastel colour would only be appropriate to capture Boucher's tranquil portrayal of nature and landscape
  • Cross Halter Series - Natura

    One shoulder swimsuit is back again, now with an additional halter neck design. Adjustable neck strap for an easy and secure wear. Highlight is at the gorgeous back design that cuts in just the right places. Recommended for all chest sizes. Natura derives from a Latin word, meaning in the nature of things in the world of nature, which is an opposite from human's material world. Natura is distinguished with light grey and sage colour, full of leaf and nature pattern, embracing God's greatest gift to human. Pair it with matching Tassel Outerwear Natura for an elevated look
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