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Armpit Bulge Cover Simple Crop Top - White

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Attention for those who get stress for armpit bulges when wearing sleeveless top!
VINA&Co. Armpit Bulge Cover Series ‘Simple Crop Top’ - it is sensational bratop that covers annoying armpit bulges perfectly.

Must-have-item, Crop tops! Sure you will desire to have all in different color! The length ends in a waist line with brapad included that can be worn in daily and sports setting. Matching with high waist pants is a rule of thumb. You can also match with in a various different look. There was an extra care for neck line and sleeve finish so it can be expressed as the most feminine line.
VINA&Co. crop top that covers irritating armpit bulges clearly.

Confidence up as you wear.
Now, get your confidence boosted with VINA&Co. top!

The basic brapad is included.

■ Delicate and high quality inner finish with expensive fabric woven with premium nylon fabric that gives a unique fit.
VINA&Co. brings fresh and satisfied experience as soon as worn. It has a strong texture, fast dryness, and UV protection with double-sided knitted fabric. You will be more satisfied with the matte and moist material without gloss. Meet high-quality products with no compromise on design, quality, or material.

■ As all VINA&Co. products are made with same high compression material as hip-up leggings, you can cross match with hip-up leggings, bratop, bralette, and bikini top and bottom.
- Daily look is ok! It is possible to be used as a multi-item in a various TPO situations such as indoor and outdoor activities.