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Armpit Bulge Cover Slit BraTop - Black

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Attention for those who get stress for armpit bulges when wearing sleeveless top!
VINA&Co. Armpit Bulge Cover Series ‘Slit BraTop’ - it is sensational bratop that covers annoying armpit bulges perfectly.

VINA&Co. signature Slit BraTop that has square neck and slit detail provides chic and stylish mood. Not only presenting slit detail point, but also covers the upper abdomen a little which gives comfy and implicit sexy.

The back of the top is designed to be lacerback style so that shoulder strap stays tightly even for the big movement. Match with high waist leggings or inner item.

Confidence up as you wear.
Now, get your confidence boosted with VINA&Co. top!

The basic brapad is included.

■ Delicate and high quality inner finish with expensive fabric woven with premium nylon fabric that gives a unique fit.
VINA&Co. brings fresh and satisfied experience as soon as worn. It has a strong texture, fast dryness, and UV protection with double-sided knitted fabric. You will be more satisfied with the matte and moist material without gloss. Meet high-quality products with no compromise on design, quality, or material.

■ As all VINA&Co. products are made with same high compression material as hip-up leggings, you can cross match with hip-up leggings, bratop, bralette, and bikini top and bottom.
- Daily look is ok! It is possible to be used as a multi-item in a various TPO situations such as indoor and outdoor activities.

This is the 'Armpit Bulge Covered Series' that perfectly covers your armpit bulges so that makes you look slimmer.