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Original Length 4 Hip-up Leggings - Indie Pink

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Length 4 that comes 8cm above your knee is suggested to those who are confident with thigh line and those who think length3 is too short. A little exposure of your leg will brings you feminine and lively look. It can be used as bike shorts look, trendy daily look and as well as inner pants.

HIP-UP LEGGINGS STYLE | Original Hip-up Leggings
The maximum hip-up effect with specialized stitched lines for hipups. #extremehipup
You can feel supreme hip-up effect without pads as gathering spreaded and droopy hips.
VINA&Co. hip-up leggings was started from this Original leggings, these specialized stitch lines for hip maximizes hip-up effect. The most loved style by the real hipup leggings mania. Suggested to those who want to experience extreme hip-up. #designregistrationcompleted #patentdesign

VINA&Co. hip-up leggings were produced with quick-dry and sun protection function material, so that it can be worn in a various TPO situations as daily wear and as well as sportswear.

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